Fortius 420®

More room to share and care

Our biggest and most adaptable chamber is manufactured by Oxyhealth. The chamber can treat up to 3.0 ATA (29 psi) operating pressure, which allows it to be used in all types of clinics and premier hospitals. With an enormous 42" chamber diameter, this chamber comes equipped with mirrored controls for a safe and monitored treatment process.

To make the chamber cost-effective, it comes with a hood assembly system to effectively deliver 100% pure oxygen at up to 3.0 ATA.

The Fortius420® is a beautiful amalgamation of innovative design, the highest safety standards, and patient comfort. Its durable design ensures longevity and safe functionality.

Hyperbaric Chamber

Up to 3.0 ATA (29 psi) operating pressure capabilities

Mirrored interior/external controls for physician use and patient self-treatment

Variable treatment pressures

Tamper-proof redundant pressure regulators

Adaptable ports for eternal medical pass-through devices

Reinforced steel construction with handsome powder coated baby blue finish

Manufactured with nontoxic, medical grade components

Custom fit contoured mattress

Portable and simple to move


Hard Shell Chamber: 1250 lbs (567 kgs)

Compressor: 37 lbs (16.78 kgs)


Length: 91 in (231.14 cm)

Shell Diameter: 42 in (106.68 cm)

Door Diameter: 26.3 in (66.80 cm)

Clean Air Compressor

Double-headed, oil-less, 1/3 hp compressor with dual intake filters with cooling radiator

High-efficiency inline air filtration that filters air to 0.01 microns

Analog pressure gauge