Quamvis 320®

More room to share and care

Our newest and most revolutionary design, the Quamvis320® is probably the safest, soft-walled portable chamber. A 32" diametric offers spacious interior and exterior space for treatment. Additionally, the nonobstructive interior provides a customer support system for patients to enter and leave the chamber. Quamvis320® can fit in two for self-treatment. The dual pressure control valves offer ease of treatment to doctors in the clinic.

The angled air in ports has been strategically placed along with durable pressure regulators to maintain proper airflow inside the chamber. The ballistic nylon jacket has been tested and proved to endure extreme performance and meets the highest safety standards in the market.

Moreover, the external "SafeSet" buckling system not only enhances the chambers' safety features but also makes it ideal for personal and clinical use. This cutting-edge look with all healthcare-grade components ensures secure as well as long-lasting performance for years.

Hyperbaric Chamber

1.3 ATA (4 psi) operating pressure

Durable, double-sided 44 oz. urethane coated polyester bladder

Pressure tested beyond 30 psi to exceed PVHO-1 safety requirements

Extreme performance reinforcing ballistic nylon jacket

“SafeSet” buckling system for additional secure enclosure support 3-zipper seal assembly

Rigid external steel frame for patient stabilization and added comfort

Tamper-proof redundant pressure regulators

3 additional ports for external medical pass-through devices

Mattress contoured to fit inside the chamber

Manufactured with nontoxic, medical grade components

Analog pressure gauge


Bladder: 38 lbs (17.23 kgs)

Frame: 34 lbs (15.42 kgs)

Mattress: 13 lbs (5.89 kgs)

Bolsters: 7 lbs (3.17 kgs)

Compressor: 37 lbs (16.78 kgs)


Length: 92 in (233.68 cm)

Diameter (inflated): 32 in (81.28 cm)

Clean Air Compressor

Length: 100 in (254 cm)

Diameter (inflated): 32 in (81.28 cm)